Who Are We?

Friends of Liberia Renewal Ministries (FOLRM) is a religious non-profit organization registered in the US that serves children in Liberia in partnership withLiberia Renewal Ministries. FOLRM exists to demonstrate Christ’s love in Liberia by providing a safe place to live for homeless orphans, education and meals for them and the poor children who attend our elementary school in rural Liberia.  In addition to basic school education and biblical knowledge, we also offer practical job skills training and recovery support advocacy for women and young girls who have been victimized by poverty, abused and sold into sexual slavery. 

Our service programs are provided to rural surrounding communities of townships and villages where there is no electricity, running water, or sanitation facilities. We run a school and orphanage to care for the people in these communities. At our school and orphanage, we generate our own electricity and have dug a well to provide drinking water instead of having to drive 10 miles for clean water. We are in the process of constructing improved housing for the orphans, classrooms, new beds and sanitary facilities. Our surrounding agricultural fields provide a very modest income—from the sale of pigs and occasional seasonal food crops at local farmers markets. 

Despite our best efforts, we are not yet independent or self-sustaining. We still have to purchase basic foods and supplies for the needs of the school and orphanage.

We rely upon the generosity of donors such as yourself and trust in the continual blessings and provision of God’s grace. Thank you for considering a generous support gift for the children that we serve. Your tax-deductible giving will clearly make a significant difference in the lives of these children while providing safety, protection and educational training for both themselves and for the abused women and girls rescued from human trafficking.

Why Liberia?

In 2015, Liberia was the 4th poorest and most economically depressed nation in the world (based on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita). If one uses the Gross National Income (GNI), Liberia ranks as the number 1 poorest country in the world.

In 2013, the average family in Liberia lived on only $716 USD per year. There are few jobs in this depressed country plagued by disease and an inflationary economy.

People are living a day to day existence at a subsistence level, many are starving and desperate to survive.

There are very few charitable organizations in Liberia capable of handling the overwhelming problems of poverty, disease, lack of education, and sexual abuse or human trafficking. 

From 1989 to 2004 Liberia went through a period of devastating civil wars which left the country torn apart by corruption and economic instability. Even more devastating, in 2014 the Ebola epidemic destroyed Liberia families leaving

children as orphans throughout the country. These crises have led to a struggling unstable economy, few educational or job opportunities for the poor, and thus many children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school. We aim to break this cycle of poverty: with education and training, by the grace of God we will! With our hope and trust in Jesus Christ and with the help of donors like you, we are making a difference in the lives of Liberian children and the future of

Liberia. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has observed that “Liberia is significantly behind most other African countries in nearly all education statistics”. It has one of the world’s highest levels of out-of-school children, with an estimated 15-20 % of all 6 to 14 year-old children not in class. Only one child out of three (1/3) possible preschoolers will have access to early childhood learning programs. And then, only half of all school age children will complete primary education, dropping out. 


For those children who are enrolled in primary and secondary school, many are classified as “overage.” The vast majority of Liberia’s students are older than the appropriate age for their grade and are therefore at high risk of dropping out. There

is an obvious need for early and remedial educational intervention.

Our Programs

Mercy Program

Reaching Youth for Christ through Missions

Agricultural Program

To help sustain itself, LRM Liberia owns a farm where the produce of the farm is used to provide food for the children and families.

Educational Programs

 Liberia Renewal Ministries School System (LRMSS) is the educational arm of LRM. LRMSS provides quality education for less-privileged and at Risk children within Liberia and West Africa. The school system operates both as a boarding school and a day school.  Many of our students cannot afford an education, a place to stay  or a good meal. This ministry allows LRM to be demonstrate Christ's love to these children.  

On June 8, 2017 it was decided that a multidimensional learning environment was needed for women and girls in Thinker’s Village Community. Ladies Lounge was born as a safe learning environment for women and girls who had been deprived of the ability to dream big and desire the most from life. Ladies Lounge also provides holistic support for women and girls and help them reach their fullest potentials, while providing room for discussions to reduce issues affecting them and come up with solutions at a community and national level. Ladies Lounge is the Sexual and Gender Based Violence (S/GBV) awareness, advocacy, and female’s empowerment arm of the Liberia Renewal Ministries (LRM).